Hot Eyes Steam®

Warming eye mask

– Instant relaxation guaranteed

– Relieves stressed eyes

– Increases blood circulation in eyes area

– May reduce puffy eyes & dark circles

Hot Eyes Steam® – The Warming Eye Mask

A tired look is an unpleasant companion in today’s stressful lifestyle. Eyes that are focused to a monitor the whole day, inadequate lighting, dry heating air, eyestrain and insufficient sleep are often the causes of “tired eyes”. The Hot Eyes Steam® Eye Mask effectively helps to relax tired eyes soothingly. After just 10 minutes Hot Eyes Steam® helps to reduce eye fatigue, relax the area around the eyes and stimulate blood circulation around the eye area.

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Product Description

What is Hot Eyes Steam®?

Hot Eyes Steam® is a warming eye mask that addresses “tired eyes” & “tired appearance”. The Hot Eyes Steam Eye Mask warms up by itself after opening the package and gradually reaches ~ 40 degrees, which guarantees a pleasant relaxation.

The advantages at a glance

1. Reduces the dark circles around the eyes, against swollen eyes.

2. Stimulates blood circulation around the eye area.

3. Immediate relaxation & rest assured.

4. Reduces “tired look” & “tired eyes”.

Delivery contents

– in one Hot Eyes Steam® package 5 eye masks are included.


1. Open the Hot Eyes Steam® Eye Mask package.

2. Hang the straps around your ears & close your eyes.

3. If necessary, you can readjust the eye mask until the correct “fit” is achieved.

4. Enjoy the soothing warmth & relax for 10 minutes.

Technical details

  • Weight Packaging: 0.8 kg
  • Contents: iron powder, activated carbon, water.
  • Usage: Recommended usage: 10 minutes.
  • Do not use Hot Eyes Steam Eye Mask with other eye masks or in combination with other eye-related products (eye drops, creams, etc.)
  • Please remove your contact lenses before use.
  • Do not use in case of any eye disorders, inflammation, eczema, swellings or other eye discomforts.
  • In case of eye irritation or discomfort consult the eye specialist.
  • This product is not edible.
  • Please keep away from children! – This product has been developed for single use only.
  • Please do not try to heat the eye mask again in any way or add external heat.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are fully convinced that you will fall in love with our Hot Eyes Steam® Eye Mask. Therefore, we offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product within 30 days of the date of purchase.

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Womens Edition, Mens Edition

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